As the coauthor of Black Futurists in the Information Age (a book published in 1997) we issued a call for a scientific and technological revolution in the Black world and we labeled that call KyberGenesis. The KyberGenesis mission was a call for a simultaneous revolution of the spirit and creative mind-set of African Americans to find and redefine themselves in the midst of the broad-sweeping changes reshaping our world for the 21st century and beyond. As Futurists we offered a vision and a new paradigm to the African American community, besieged and mentally trapped in a 400-year room of history. A room of severe limitations and massive distortions of who we are as a people; our true history and the enormous scientific and technological contributions that Black people have made throughout the known human history of this planet. Indeed we felt that it was time for a major revision on how we view the world, ourselves and the current and past civilizations of planet earth.

In 2014 this mission has not changed, in fact, it is more urgent than ever. However, part of my focus as an author, publisher and futurist is to now provide strategic support and focused attention on the world of Black Science Fiction and Fantasy. The colonization of the imagination of Black people throughout the world has been very damaging over the past four centuries. That period of the "Dark Ages" is rapidly coming to a close. Restoring ancient mythology, history, religion, fantasy, legends and the full and complete history of Black people in ancient times is critical in rebuilding our historical consciousness. It is now very clear that Black Science Fiction has a role to play in this process regarding scientific and technological progress in the African worldview. And if millions of people can begin to better see these things and envision the possibilities in the realm of Black Science Fiction and Fantasy, then that is an important area that is vital at this critical juncture in history. There is a tremendous amount of buried history and submerged mythologies that can and will be revived in this current era. In some respects many Black people in America operate on a kindergarten version of world history, believing and accepting that we had no meaningful history prior to 1492. It is absurd, but it is an ingrained belief system that has been taught to us and the world for centuries. This has probably been the most effective brainwashing and massive destruction of historical consciousness in the known history of the world. The KyberGenesis philosophy seeks to dismantle these historical distortions and expand our mental universe for the betterment of our people and world civilization.

The expansion of the creative imaginations and futuristic visions of Black authors, writers, illustrators, graphic artists, filmmakers and others is equally instrumental in tearing down the barriers that Western Civilization erected five centuries ago to contain the African/Black historic persona. This game will change when a critical mass of African Americans and other Black people from around the world decide that it is time for a new era. That time has come, and there will be a fundamental shift in Black consciousness throughout the world in the 21st century. The film industry movement in Nigeria that is promoting Nollywood as a major film capital on the continent of Africa is a significant reality that must be deeply considered as part of this barrier breaking movement in the 21st century. This is bound to get stronger as we move forward in the Information Age Revolution.

This is the mission of this generation: to free the African mind in the Information Age Revolution. Now is the Time; the Ancestors are calling for this. KyberGenesis!

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